Veterans Rehab

By Globalventures

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Today, every 30 minutes a Veterans take his or her life due to various reasons.  As well as mental issues, today’s wounded veterans have little diversity in program location and selection in terms of healing and growth at same time.



  1. Personalized Health treatments include dietary analysis and customize food intake.
  2. Neological measurement with Virtual Reality engagement
  3. Education both terms of sympton knowledge but other growth/career related programs.
  4. Gamification structure to help keep relapse.


Assets and Developments

We have secured at 26,000 sq. ft. private estate approach 6 miles from downtown Indianapolis, In. Home to Eli Lilly and Wellpoint, two of the worlds largest health care organizations in the world.

We have contracted with NeuroMore, Univ. of Miami,  Bobbie (company),  Chef Patrick and DR.  to execute version 1 of our 4-8 week rehabilitation program.


Strategy and Execution

Revenues-  For general revenues we use a per bed number, common in the industry.  We believe with the recognition of the private estate (kesslermansion) along with the leading advanced personalized research and develop rehabilitation program that we can attract a monthly bed rate of $10,000 with 16 beds.  4 beds would be support beds for Staff and Visiting guests.  We also believe after 6-12 months of the program, we can increase this bed rate to $15,000/month with running of 2 month programs.  


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