By Maai Florendo

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Your #1 Local Food Marketplace community! Join us as we launch it Dec 2014!

Where local chefs create cook boards for availability to the local foodie community\n\n

In depth description

Think Pinterest + Etsy. should be geared as the number 1 go to for local food marketplace delivered or for pickup fresh, hot and home made.

Now local chefs or cooks can create their own customized cook board complete with ordering facility for free. Local residents can order in and choose to order your food from any of your boards.

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  1. Maai Florendo funded   $5,000.00
    Total equity shares : 5%
  2. maida barrientos funded   $5.00
    Total equity shares : 0.005%
  3. Johnny Debrin funded   $10,000.00
    Total equity shares : 10%