Ifund.com is the funding accelerator for assets and brands within the GlobalVentures network.

Global Ventures, LLC, established in 1996, is a Real Estate and Technology company focused on building and leveraging electronic corporations (eCorp) within the Domain Name System.  Premium domains and companies such as Referrals.com,Staffing.com, Mergers.com, Domain Holdings, VentureCamp, Handyman.com, DSL.com and over 20,000 others are the core digital asset and building blocks of Global Ventures.


With over 1,000,000 targeted unique monthly visitors, Global Ventures utilizes both virtual and physical real estate with effective business models, streamlined policy and procedures with a balanced and optimal productivity and management platform for the global economy.


Learn more about joining our team, becoming an iPartner, or leveraging one of our premium domain assets or companies to help grow your business.


AboutKessler Mansion is a former HGTV extreme home and has been under renovation for the past 6 years. The estate consists of 26,000 total sq. ft with 3 large buildings and a pool house. Truly one of the Midwest’s most unique homes – Kessler Mansion is the central location for our “Venture Camp” project.



Indianapolis, IN – Headquarters.
Delray Beach, FL – Global Ventures Head Office.
Los Angeles, CA – Referrals.com Headquarters.
Davao City, Philippines – Global Ventures Development Team.
Lisbon, Portugal – European Operations.



Chad Folkening is a successful serial entrepreneur. Born in Indiana, he started his first successful business at age 14, founding Student Services, Inc.(SSI) a home services management company. In 1995 he sold SSI and developed a historical building in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and converted it into a successful art/cafe called Aberrations. After selling the company a year later, Chad began his current venture that focuses on Internet Real Estate (platforms), Technology and Applications. Originally called Web-Based.com in 1996, Global Ventures has evolved into one of the worlds top premium domain asset holding and development companies in the world.

In 2005 he purchased a 26,000 sq. ft estate in Indianapolis, featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes, which he is currently transforming into the first Midwest live/work tech startup incubator. Current Global Ventures investments and companies include Domain Holdings and its leading flagship product DomainPower, eCorp with is patented business model, along with Referrals.com, VentureCamp, Consultants.com and Entrepreneurs.org.

Chad lives with his family in Florida, California and Indiana and attended Butler University and Ball State University for its renowned Entrepreneurship program.